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If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by too many ideas or one big decision, been frustrated because your brilliant idea didn’t quite work out, or gotten derailed when your color-coded plans were interrupted, this is the place for you.

Practical solutions, based on Biblical principles, plus just one simple action step in each episode.

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Episode 74: How Jesus Built A Team

Congratulations! Your ministry or business is growing! You are finally seeing the fruit of all your hard work. But that hard work has worn you out and it’s time to find some help! In Episode 74 of Just One Simple ... Read more

Episode 71: How to Have Your Best Launch Ever

What do you need to do in order to have a great launch? Is there a formula for guaranteed success, or is it all just one big shot in the dark every time you launch? We’re wrapping up our mini ... Read more
One Thing You Didn't Think of For Your Launch Plan

Episode 70: One Thing You Didn’t Think Of For Your Launch Plan

If you are thinking about launching a new product, course, or service, you are probably mapping out your launch plan, figuring out tech platforms, and honing in on your sales copy. But there is one ingredient for a successful launch ... Read more
How Long Does It Take to Launch? Thinking About Your Launch Plan

Episode 69: How Long Does It Take to Launch? Thinking About Your Launch Plan.

How long does it take to prepare for the launch of a new product or service? It really depends on what you are launching. In Episode 69 of Just One Simple Thing, I’ll give you some rough guidelines so you ... Read more
Is Your Plan a Good One? How to make a plan.

Episode 68: Is Your Plan A Good One? How To Make a Plan.

One of my favorite things to do every month is review the plans submitted by the Move Forward Mastermind members. Whether it’s the plan for the upcoming month, or the plan for a major product launch, the characteristics of a ... Read more
How to Do Your Quarterly Review

Episode 67: How to Do Your Quarterly Review

As we are coming up on the mid-point of the year, you may be asking yourself where six whole months have gone! I know I am! This is the perfect time to review your progress towards those goals you set ... Read more
The Surprising Lessons I Learned in 2021

Episode 42: The Surprising Lessons I Learned in 2021

Wow … where did 2021 go?? It seems like just yesterday we were saying “good riddance” to the dumpster fire that was 2020. 2021 turned out to be better in some ways and disappointing in others. Listen in as I ... Read more
Three Ways to Embrace the Unexpected

Episode 41: Three Ways to Embrace the Unexpected

As we move towards the end of the year, many of us are setting goals and making plans for next year.  We have high hopes and great expectations.  But as I look back on the last several years, it is ... Read more
When SMART Goals Make You Feel Dumb

Episode 40: When SMART Goals Make You Feel Dumb

The gold standard of goals training is SMART goals. Everyone teaches it. Many people try to do it. But what if your smart goals make you feel dumb? What if there is a better way to have goals that are ... Read more
Looking Back to Move Forward

Episode 39: Looking Back to Move Forward

It’s that time of year where we start to think about setting goals for next year. That’s an important thing to do, and I’ll be talking about it more soon, but before we can move forward, we need to pause ... Read more
How to Grow Through the Holidays

Episode 38: How to Grow Through the Holidays

Is it possible to grow through the holidays? Throughout the Old Testament, God designated special feasts, festivals and holidays to recognize important milestones: times of harvest, provision, and deliverance. The observance of these holidays combines reflection, celebration, and serving others. ... Read more
How to Cultivate a Community That Buys or Buys In

Episode 37: How to Cultivate a Community that Buys or Buys In

Have you ever been frustrated when you’ve launched something, and no one seemed to want to buy it? How do you cultivate a community? I have a secret for you: growing an audience is the wrong goal. Join me for ... Read more


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