Episode 105: Making Connections and Networking as an Introvert

Making Connections and Networking as an Introvert

Hey friends! Welcome back to Just One Simple Thing. With this episode, we are starting a new series about how to take your next step. I’m not talking about taking your first step … we covered that way back in Episodes 8 -10. I’m talking more about the next step that is going to move you to a new place in your ministry or business. It may seem like a collection of odds and ends, but most of the things we’ll cover in this series are easier to implement than you think and can make a big difference. Let’s start with ideas for making connections and networking as an introvert.

I was recently listening to a podcast from Natalie Gingrich … The Ops Authority. Natalie was sharing some spicy takes on advice she’s heard from influencers she follows. Her comments on social media were especially interesting.  She said that service providers don’t need a large social media following. Instead, they need to focus on making connections.

You can listen to all of her comments on the Ops Authority Podcast, episode 191.

The problem is that most of us are introverts.

So what’s an introverted communicator to do to grow her network?

1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Nothing worth building comes easy. In order to grow your ministry or business AND yourself, you’ll have to do hard things that are uncomfortable.

2. Look for common ground instead of cold calls.
As an introvert trying to connect, the biggest fear is that someone will think you are bugging them. But when you start with common ground, there is a natural attraction that makes the connection intriguing instead of inconvenient.If you want to learn more about making connections that will grow your ministry or business, check out Esther Littlefield’s Consistent Clients Challenge.

3. Find common ground in a community.
Group conversations like this happen in masterminds, at conferences, around the table at writers guild meetings. If you are taking part in any of these things, don’t sleep on the networking time.

Find a structured networking event, where each person gets a chance to share something specific, I promise you will walk away with a new connection.

It may seem counterintuitive for an insecure introvert with imposter syndrome to go meet with a bunch of other people. I mean, isn’t that where comparison and doubt can take hold? Maybe. But it’s also where you realize you aren’t alone on this journey … where other people struggle with some of the same things you do … where you have something to offer that may help someone else. Where the seeds of connection are planted.

Grab a sheet of paper and write down 5 people that you want to connect with. Then list what common ground you have and what groups or events you might experience with them.Make a plan to connect with at least one of them this week. Message me on FB or IG @doanewthing and let me know how it goes!

That’s the first of the Next Step series … making connections, even if you are an introvert. Join me in the next episode, where we’ll talk about how to influence people to do what you want them to do. Curious? Go grab a friend and meet me back here.

The Ops Authority Podcast Episode 191 –I’m Taking a Stand
Consistent Clients Challenge

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