Never Alone

With literally thousands of Christian Creatives online, we never have to feel alone.This post is part of my Write 31 Days Challenge series, based on results of the Online Christian Creative Survey.  Click here to see all posts in the series

I partnered with other people who serve the online Christian Creative market to promote the Online Christian Creative Survey.  The group included course providers, Facebook group administrators, coaches, social media experts and entrepreneurs.  Between us, we reach thousands of Christian Creatives on a regular basis.

Over 220 people responded to the survey.  That is 47% increase in participation from two years ago, when I ran a similar survey on my own.

Which leads me to my first observation from the survey.

We are never alone.

Isn’t that comforting?  I tried to find out how many Christian blogs there are online and could not find a good estimate.  But there are thousands.  And behind every one of them is someone just like you.

Really?  Even those big-name blogs with millions of followers?  Yes, even those.

Because behind every Christian blog, ministry or business is a person with a passionate calling to share their faith-message and bring people to Christ.  Just like you.

That person wonders if she is good enough, smart enough, persistent enough to do it well.  Just like you.

She gets aggravated with technology, needs a tribe of people to help her and sometimes makes a mess of things.  Just like you.

We are all the same.  And we are never alone.


Have you found your online tribe?  The online Christian community is the most generous and supportive group of people I have ever seen.  They love to help others succeed.  If you haven’t found your place yet, meet me in the By His Grace Bloggers Facebook group … my favorite.

What are some other places where you have found your people?

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