Ministry is More Than A Blog

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Don’t let all the bloggy things rob you of your passion for ministry. I bet I know what happened to you.  You started out with a big dream and a message to share.  So you decided to start a blog.  Or a website for your ministry or business.  Because, that’s what everyone with a message does, right?

It was fun at first but then somehow, you became a “blogger”.  And you became consumed with bloggy things … opt-ins, mailing lists, graphics, social media.  And maybe you even became an expert in all the bloggy things.

But what about that big dream and message to share?  It’s still getting out there through your blog, but it’s lost it’s prime spot in your priorities.

That happens a lot.

44% of those surveyed said their blog is the central component of their ministry.  But over half said their blog is only part of their overall strategy, or other parts are more important.  That’s a healthy mix.  There are some that God has truly called to blogging as their primary ministry outlet.

For most of us, our blogs are only a tool to be used in ministry, and we need to keep that in mind as we make decisions about our next steps.

Pro Tip

When evaluating where to spend your time, energy and resources, always go back to your why.  Focus on the things that will contribute to your why and everything else will fall into place.  To learn more about how to keep your blog in its proper perspective as tool for ministry, check out  my More Than a Blog course.

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