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Hey!  Thanks for popping over here from the Live It Out podcast!  Chatting with Jennifer was such fun!

How to Pursue Your God-Inspired Dream

Have you started making your 20 Minute List yet?  I have a blog post and a podcast episode with some ideas for your list.

Plus, check out the new guide How to Pursue Your God-Inspired Dream While Working Full Time. You will find simple tips to honor all the work God has given you to do, and ask yourself questions that will help you come up with an action plan to balance your dream with your job.

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Just One Simple Thing … one step at a time, consistently … that’s the key to progress on your goals and projects.  In each episode, we explore one issue faced by Christian creatives, explore solutions, and give you just one simple thing to do … not 10, not 100 … just one.

Listen in by searching Just One Simple Thing on your favorite podcast platform and subscribing, or visit the podcast page.

I hope you’ll hang around a while and check out my resource page and some of my favorite blog series:

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Storm Your Brains Out

Tired from trying to share your God-inspired message while working your full time job?

Do you wonder if it’s worth it, or even possible, to build a ministry or business on the side?

I have good news for you. It is possible. It is worth it. You can do it.

That’s why I’m glad to share with you the four-part Honor System, to help you honor all the work God has given you to do. These are the hard-earned lessons I’ve taken away from chasing after my dreams and maintaining the career that supports my family.

Grab it here!


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