What to Do After the (Brain)Storm

In the sticky Louisiana summertime, afternoon thunderstorms are the norm.  Most days, after lunch, the puffy white clouds start turning gray, and then black. Around 3pm, the lightening starts popping, the thunder starts rolling and the raindrops come down … first in giant drops that dry almost instantly on the hot driveway concrete, then in … Read more

10 Quick Tips to Super-Charge Your Brainstorming

So you’ve gathered your four senior team members for an epic brainstorming session that will decide the future of your organization.  After an initial flurry of the most obvious ideas, Suzy is bored and ordering her on her phone.  Jenny gave Nichole the side eye when she suggested that the annual Labor Day picnic should … Read more

3 Brainstorming Methods That Really Work

What do you envision when you think of brainstorming?  A stream of disconnected thoughts spilling from your mind to a page?  A group of people randomly bouncing ideas off of each other? That kind of free-thinking is useful in some situations.  Giving voice to the thoughts helps to crystallize them.  And the power of collaboration … Read more