Jam Your Spam

What are you missing? You’ll be surprised by what you find in your spam folder!  Check it today and move things you want to see into your inbox. #JamYourSpamA few weeks ago, I was watching for an email to hit my inbox, but it never showed up. Someone suggested that I check my Spam folder.  When I did, I was shocked by what I found there!

In addition to the email I was looking for, I found:

  • Personal emails from the leader of a team I am on.  I bet she wondered why I never responded to them.
  • Newsletters and blog posts from writers I care about.  I thought some of them quit writing!
  • Special offers and deals from businesses I love to support. Most were expired 🙁

As the spam filters being used by email providers gets more and more sophisticated, more and more email lands in the spam folder.  The filter can be triggered by certain words that it considers “promotional.” Or because the email has a lot of images in it.

And did you know, on some email systems, if you don’t open three emails in a row from the same sender, they’ll put everything else from that sender in your Spam folder??

So go look at your Spam folder right now.  What do you see? If you’ve been missing out on important emails, or miss hearing from your favorite blogger, don’t let Gmail or Yahoo decide what what you want to see. These tips will tell your email provider you don’t consider them Spam:

  1. If you find email in your spam folder that you want to read, drag it back over to your inbox.  Some email programs may even have a way to mark the email as “Not Spam”.
  2. Add the sender to your Contacts.
  3. Open emails from your favorite businesses and ministries even if you don’t have time to read them right away.  You can come back to read them later.
  4. Set a reminder on your phone to check your spam folder once a week or month.

Share in the comments what interesting things you found in your spam folder!

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