Is This The Right Time to Take Your First Step?

There is never a perfect time to take your first step, but there is a right time. Perfect timing.

When a friend unexpectedly shows up with dinner when you’ve had a bad day at work.

When a check lands in your mailbox on the day a big bill is due.

When someone cancels their hair appointment five minutes before you call the stylist in high demand.

Sometimes, timing can be perfect.

But if you are waiting for the perfect time to take your first step towards your God-dream, you will never take that step.  There is no such thing as the perfect time.

But there IS a right time.

How do you know when the right time is?  Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have time to focus on this right now?

Any new endeavor is going to require some effort and some focus.  Not only does it require your focus …. it deserves your focus.  If there are other big things going on in your life at the time or you are in a chaotic, stretched season, it may not be the right time to take your first step.

Is there a high level of interest or need?

At the beginning of this series, we looked at the Biblical story of the man at the pool of Bethesda.  He and the other lame and sick people were sitting by the pool, waiting for the waters to stir. They had a need that could be met if they took the first step at the right time.

Are the waters stirring?  Are you and others passionate about your idea?  Does it meet a need that will only get worse if you don’t act?  If so, then this may be the right time to take your first step.

Do I have a plan in place?

Sometimes in our excitement and the first flush of new adventure, we are tempted to rush in.  We run on adrenaline (and coffee!) but soon we are falling flat, with no structure to hold us up.

A plan doesn’t have to be elaborate, with every step in place and every possible outcome explored.  It may be as simple as an outline, a rough timeline, or a mind map that captures your idea in a structured way.

So when the tough days come (and they will), you’ll have a roadmap to keep you on track.  Once you have your roadmap, you can take your first step with confidence

Do I have the right resources in place?

Resources include your time, money and knowledge.  If you are short on one, you can use the other two to balance it out.

But being short on two or three is a recipe for failure.  As I often say, one way or another, God will give you all the resources you need to do what He has called you to do.  When we are walking with Him, part of the fun is watching the amazing, creative ways that He provides those resources. The right time for your first step is when God’s resources are beginning to fall into place.

Waiting for the perfect time to take your first step is a position of fear … fear that something will go wrong, fear that you don’t have it all figured out, fear that nobody else will care about your fragile dream.

Taking your first step at the right time is a position of faith … faith that God is stirring the waters and He has a plan to meet your needs, faith that you’ve done your homework and can trust Him for the results, faith that your first step will be the first of many next steps.

Is this the right time for you?  Have you been waiting for perfect?


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