Invest in Your Struggles

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The top performers in the Online Christian Creative Survey are investing in resources that directly address their greatest struggles.In these last few days of our series, we are looking at the high-performers from the survey.  In this post, we’ll look at their purchasing plans.

When asked what type of courses, services and products they plan to purchase in the next year, their top answers were:

  • Blog coaching/mentoring
  • Book or product launch help
  • Social media management
  • Virtual assistant

On the surface, these are similar to the top responses from the overall survey. However, the overall group also threw editing/proofreading, speaking or writing coaching and web/tech help.

But look how the top performers line up with their top four struggles ….

How will you build your email list?  Get coaching and mentoring from someone who has done it.

How will you create more income from your website?  Have a strong launch with support from a pro.

How will increase your website traffic?  Very effective social media campaigns

How will you balance your time between your online presence and your family?  Use a virtual assistant to take some things off your plate.

The top performers are investing in resources that directly address their greatest struggles.


If you have limited funds to invest in resources to grow your business or ministry, be sure you are using them to solve your biggest problems. It’s tempting to spend money on whatever latest “thing” a huge blogger is promoting (guilty!) but if it does not specifically address your most painful pain points, it is not a wise investment (#preachingtomyself).

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