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The results from the Online Christian Creative Survey are in! Welcome to my Write 31 Days Challenge series!

A few weeks ago, I partnered with some friends to conduct the Online Christian Creative Survey.  The goal was to understand the needs, struggles and purchasing habits of Christian writers, business owners, ministry leaders and other creatives who are working to expand their influence for Christ online.  Over the next 31 Days, I’ll be sharing the results of the survey in small chunks.

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Who is this series for?

It’s for you if you are providing services, courses and other resources for Christian bloggers, entrepreneurs and ministry leaders.  The series will give you valuable insight to serve your target audience.  We’ll talk about their greatest struggles, the resources they plan to purchase in the next year to address them, how much they can spend, and how they choose to spend it.

It’s for you if you are a Christian blogger, entrepreneur or ministry leader and want to understand more about the online Christian community.  The series will give you ideas for serving your audience through collaboration with others and you’ll likely find that you have a lot more in common with your peers than you think.

Pro Tips

While the facts and figures are quite interesting, they are just numbers on the page if we don’t use them to influence our actions.  So each day, the Pro Tip will give you ideas on how you can use the information from the survey.

Today’s Pro Tip:  It will be tempting to compare yourself to the survey results and perhaps find yourself lacking if you don’t “measure up” to the averages.  Don’t let the comparison trap drag you in. Step up in confidence as you see that your struggles are the same as everyone else.  Instead of asking what you are doing wrong, ask what are others doing right.  You’ll learn a lot of new “right” things through the series.

So let’s hang out for the next 31 days.  You can follow the series right here on the blog, or follow along on Instagram for the micro-version, or signup below to have the links to the series delivered to your inbox every week with my newsletter.

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