Episode 6: Why You SHOULD Compare Yourself to Others

Why You SHOULD Compare Yourself to Others

Most of the advice we hear about dealing with the comparison trap is focused on our mindset …valuing our own unique gifts and experiences, not comparing our beginning to someone else middle. In Episode 6 of Just One Simple Thing, we’ll talk about some practical steps we can take, and the healthy way you should compare yourself to others.

Key Points:

  • Looking at other people to see how you measure up can kill your inspiration and drain your motivation.
  • You SHOULD compare yourself to others who are successful, not as a way to measure up, but learn what they are doing and how you can apply it to what you are doing.
  1. Be careful who you look at. Watch people who are mature in their faith and have similar values as you.
  2. Enter prayerfully- Ask God to protect your mind and heart as you study what someone else is doing.
  3. Take inspiration but don’t copy.
  4. God has given you a unique vision of your dream, so filter what you learn through your vision and make it new and fresh.
  5. Stay within your strategy
  6. When you someone else’s success, it’s tempting to dump everything you are doing and change directions
  7. Show gratitude- write her a note to let her know how much you love what she is doing and what you have learned from her.
  • Comparing yourself to others does not have to become a depressing, de-motivating pity party.  If done prayerfully and with the right attitude, it can be inspiring and energizing as you incorporate fresh ideas that have proven to be effective.
  • If seeing those things day after day sucks the life out of you and puts your mind in an unhealthy place, it’s okay to unsubscribe, unfollow, or mute them. It’s a smart way to protect your mental health and a practical way to help you stay in your lane.

Action Steps: Now time for your one simple action step.  Use the comparison trap worksheet to compare yourself with someone else!  Then give her a shout out on social media using the hashtag #justonesimplething
Comparison Trap Worksheet

Book Recommendation:
Over It: Conquering Comparison to Live Out God’s Plan By Kristine Brown

My friend Amber from the Grace Enough Podcast has a lot to say on this topic.
Check out her IGTV here.

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