Episode 5: What Kind Of Stuck Are You?

What Kind of Stuck Are You?

If you aren’t making progress on your goals and projects, you may think it is because of some skill or expertise that you lack, or some opportunity you don’t have. But friends, that is rarely why you are really stuck. Here in Episode 5 of Just One Simple Thing, we’ll talk about the three types of “stuck” I see most often and give each type a specific tip to help them get moving again.

Key Points:

  • What if the real reason you are stuck is not what you think it is?
  • When there is something standing between us and progress on our goals and projects, we look around and see what everyone else is doing.
  • Most of us fall into one of three types that define why we are stuck.

The Day Dreamer

  • The DayDreamer knows that God wants to use them to make a big impact on the world around them, but exactly what that looks like is still fuzzy. DayDreamers usually get stuck because they don’t want to run ahead of God.
  • If you are a DayDreamer, keep your eyes open for new opportunities to serve … dabble in anything that interests you until you find the one thing that really lights you up.

The Idea Factory

  •  While they have a pretty good vision of what God has called them to do, the IdeaFactory brain is FULL of brilliant ways they could do it.
  • You can get stuck when you don’t know which one of the brilliant ideas you should do…. and you certainly can’t do them all. Rather than listening to everyone, find a few experts that really resonate with you and mute the rest.

The Go-Getter

  • Go-Getters have a very clear idea of what God has called us to do. We generally know how we want to do it, and we probably even have a plan to help us get there.
  • Sometimes we get distracted in the going and the getting and we don’t finish what we committed to.
  • GoGetters usually need two things to get unstuck … some strategies to help you focus (on the big things AND the little things), and accountability that keeps you connected to your commitments.
  • Helpful Tip: Put the Shiny object at the finish line.
  • We have to discipline ourselves to complete what we started before we start something new. It helps me stay focused and complete my projects more quickly when I know I have another fun project to start when I get to the finish line.

Action Step:

Here is a fun quiz to help you figure what kind of stuck you are.
What Type of Stuck Are You?

With your results, you’ll get an action plan checklist with links to proven resources that help you get moving again.

So head on over to doanewthing.com/quiz and take the quiz!

Once you find out if you are a Day Dreamer, an Idea Factory, or a Go Getter, post your result on social media and tag me @doanewthing using the hashtag #justonesimplething.
I can’t wait to see what you get!

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