Episode 16: What I Learned From Launching A Podcast

Launching is hard work. Whether it’s a podcast, a business, or a new ministry idea, there’s always much to learn, and so so much to do. In Episode 16, I’m sharing the lessons I learned when launching this podcast. Some are specific to podcasts, but some I think will encourage you no matter what you are launching.

So whether you are planning to launch a podcast or start some other new thing in your business or ministry, here are a few things I learned while launching my podcast:

1.  Your Thing Can Be Whatever You Want: Whatever you are trying to start, don’t feel boxed in by what you see others doing.  Focus on YOUR people and what they need, not on OTHER people and what they are doing.  Just because something works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s right for your audience.

2.  Limit the Input: In this case, less was definitely more. I didn’t have time, money, or energy to consume information from a lot of different sources. And I know that when we get too much input, it leads to confusion and contradictions.

I have several friends in podcast education and support, so I decided to use each one for what I saw they were best at. Here’s how I divided it up:

Podcast In A Weekend from Esther Littlefield! It is no fluff,  with the basic things you need to get started.

Launch Coaching from Wren Robbins  Wren is one of the most enthusiastic, creative people I know, and while she offers a complete range of podcast coaching services, I did just one session with her to map out the launch plan.

Tech Support from Ian at Phillip Productions  I wanted to be sure I was doing the best I could from a technical standpoint. Ian was a calm, steady hand that kept me from freaking out when surprises came up along the way.

3.  A Plan and Accountability Keep You on Track: My plan wasn’t very detailed. Just the first steps at the beginning, and the launch date at the end. As soon as I was pretty comfortable about that launch date, I started telling people about it. No big splashy announcements yet … just the people I am close to. Accountability was a huge part of launching on time.

4.  Involve Your Audience In Your Work: From the  beginning, I wanted my audience to follow along on this journey. We did a fun Podcast Naming Tournament on my Instagram stories that gave me so much insight into how they view me and what they need.

By the time I announced the trailer and the actual launch date, they were completely invested and I was confident I was producing something they would love.

Look at the four lessons I’ve learned and pick one to implement in your upcoming project plan. You can also head to our Facebook Group Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing to download a Project Planning Worksheet that helps you think through these things. Tag me on social media @doanewthing using the hashtag #justonesimplething to let me know which one you try!

Four Gospels, Four Audiences By John Barnett

Book Recommendation: Standing Strong: A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Living with Confidence by Alli Worthington

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