Episode 10: Take Your First Steps Part 2

In this second of two episodes about taking the first steps, you’ll learn about the connection between excuses and fear, and the one decision we all have to make on our own.

Are you ready to take your first steps towards a new ministry or business? Or even a new product or service in something you are already doing? In this second episode about taking the first steps, you’ll learn about the connection between excuses and fear, and the one decision we all have to make on our own.

In Episode 9, we looked at two lessons we could learn about taking our first steps from the story of the man at the pool of Bethesda in John chapter 5.

So now let’s dig into two more lessons about taking your first steps.

Lesson #3 – Stop making excuses.

He may have been in the right place at the right time, but this man was not in the right frame of mind. He was still finding reasons not to take that step.

Excuses are your brain’s way to cover up fear. When you are about to do something huge for God, fear is going to be your constant companion … lurking behind every little bump in the road.

I don’t know how to do this really means I’m afraid I’ll fail if I try.
Someone else is doing the same thing really means I’m afraid I’m not good enough.

Lesson #4 – Take the step of obedience at once.

When Jesus tells you it is time to take the step, he’s not messing around. He means it’s time to take the step at once. Not after you figure everything out. Not after all the stars are aligned. Not when you get around to it.

At. Once.

In the end, our first steps require one choice that is totally in our control. It’s the choice to be obedient.

Our choice transfers responsibility from our frail shoulders to the big strong shoulders that carry the world. God makes the decisions, opens the doors, brings the opportunities, inspires the words, sparks creativity.

It’s all Him!

So there is no need to fear those first steps. When we embrace obedience, those steps will always be on the right path.

For your one simple action step this week, head to our Facebook group Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing and download the 12 Fear-Busting Scriptures to encourage you in your first steps. Then share your favorite on social media.  Tag me @doanewthing and use the hashtag #justonesimplething so I can cheer you on.

Book Recommendation:  Fear Is Not The Boss of Me by Jennifer Allwood

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