Episode 96: January Reset – Financial Stewardship

January Reset - Financial Stewardship

This is it! The last episode of the January Reset series… a month spent cleaning up our ministry and biz clutter to make room for the new opportunities God has for us in 2023. Are you ready to talk about financial stewardship? Let’s dive into Episode 96 of Just One Simple Thing.

I know it is really not nice of me to ask you to look at your finances right after the new year. But maybe this is the best time. Maybe after navigating the spending frenzy of the holidays, you are more sensitive to the need to be good stewards of our financial resources.

It’s so easy to generate a load of online financial clutter. $5 per month here, $29 per year there, before we know it, we’ve burdened ourselves and our ministry with monthly and annual obligations that restrain our ability to freely respond to needs that arise.

Let’s use this lens to examine two areas where we tend to accumulate financial clutter.

Review your monthly charges.

As you look at each thing you are paying for, ask yourself if there are ways you can maximize a free tool to do the same thing… or almost the same thing that is good enough.

Also, see if you can combine some things into one resource with one fee.

Review Your Affiliate Programs

If earning an income through your writing or growing your business is one of your goals, sharing helpful resources with your audience is one way to serve them.

Faithful stewardship of these resources means that we are honest and transparent about the commissions we earn. It means we share only things that we truly believe in and can authentically convey how they help us and our audience. It also means we are choosy about whose products we promote. We should have high standards of service and values for those we lock arms with, not just promoting the brand that pays the highest commission.

So make a list of all the affiliate programs you are a member of and examine each one. Do they hold up to high standards you can stand behind?

Head over to my free Facebook group Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing and grab your January Reset tracker. You can check off the actions you took all month and look back at what a difference it made. Snap a picture and share it on social media so we can celebrate the progress you are making!

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