Episode 95: January Reset – Social Media Guidelines

January Reset - social Media GuidelinesIn the January Reset series, we’re spending a few weeks looking at ways to declutter our business and ministry to make physical, mental and spiritual space for the new opportunities God wants to bring us in the new year. In Episode 95, let’s look at some simple social media guidelines to make space, and make peace, with this area of our lives.

There is nothing that seems to bring more angst, stress, and even fear to those in online ministry and business than social media.

Make no mistake … social media can definitely cause spiritual clutter. This is where we easily get caught up in comparing ourselves to others, the pursuit of numbers and spending way more time than we intended. These thoughts damage our spirit. They cause us to focus on ourselves, not the important message we have to share.

Social media may be a necessary part of growing online, but it doesn’t have to be a necessary evil. We can bring peace to this part of our ministry or business by following a few simple social media guidelines.

1. Be you, because you are awesome
2. Be comfortable, because it shows
3. Be disciplined, because other things are just as important

Social media is just a piece of your overall strategy for growth. The longer you spend on social media, the more likely you are to get sucked down the rabbit hole of comparison. And we know that is a scary, dark place. So stay out of it!

To clear out some of your social media clutter, here are your January Reset tasks for this week:

Remove yourself from some Facebook Groups

We have a habit of accumulating Facebook Groups like we collect free downloads and stock photos. This week, take a look at your groups and remove yourself from some.

Update your Social Profiles

Facebook recently made some cool changes to Pages that will help us maximize the impact when people do find us there.

My friend Ruthie Gray of the Authentic Online Marketing Podcast keeps me up to date on all the things I need to know about Instagram.

Do a Review of Your Website.

My friend, Susan Mead, is a social media genius. I love the script she recommends for social media profiles:

I believe _____________. That’s why I ___________ at __________.

I believe: a statement that relates to what your audience can expect to gain from you.

That’s why I: write/speak/preach/teach etc.

At: Your blog, YouTube channel, podcast … whatever you consider your “home base”.

Susan’s variation on Twitter is:

I believe God loves us & wants us to know Him well. That’s I speak & write to help others find calm in the chaos at SusanBMead.com

Another version of this is:

I help ________________________________ by doing ____________________________ so they can ___________________________.

Mine says:

I help Christian creative ministry leaders and business owners overcome overwhelm and procrastination so they can turn their vague ideas into finished projects.

Head over to my free Facebook group Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing and grab your January Reset tracker. You’ll be able to check off the actions you take all month and look back at what a difference it made. Snap a picture and share it on social media so we can celebrate the progress you are making!

Is this series helping you take some simple steps toward strengthening your foundations? I’d love to hear about it. Follow me on IG or FB @doanewthing and shoot me message!

Updating to the New Facebook Page Experience: What You Need to Know
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