Episode 92: Best of Just One Simple Thing 2022

Best of Just One Simple Thing 2022

We’ve covered a lot of ground in Just One Simple Thing in 2022. Decision-making, project planning, creating community, launching new projects, and one big pivot. Before we wrap up the year, let’s take a look back at the top five episodes of 2022.

If you are listening to this in real time, we are into the last week of 2022. I thought it would be fun today to revisit a few of the most popular episodes of 2022. You guys really got into the practical ones that gave you some tools help grow your ministry or business. Like Episode 46: Your Discovery Call Toolkit where I shared three ways to keep your discovery call calendar full.

1. Talk about your discovery calls often
2. Set a goal and keep it visible
3. Make it easy to schedule

Creating systems for important processes creates time, consistency, and accuracy, as we learned in Episode 52: A Simple Process for Creating Simple Systems, starting with which systems you need to start with.

  • The ones you use most often
  • Ones that are complicated
  • Ones you are likely to hire help for
  • Ones you are likely to forget

One way to create a system is to map out the steps on the wall using sticky notes. But that’s only the first of ten creative ways to use sticky notes in Episode 54. Here are three more of my favorites from that list.

  • Annual Planning
  • Keeping your focus during a work session
  • Interactive Planning

Another theme of the most popular episodes was creating a framework for decision making. In Episode 60 Overcome the Idea Tornado & Get Clarity on Your Next Step, I shared this tip for deciding what that next step is. What is the biggest issue you need to solve? The one thing that is blocking your path and preventing progress? It may seem like there are a lot of them, but if you look closely, you will likely find one thing that everything else hinges on.

And finally, in Episode 76, we learned about the four strategies you need to help you focus and save time.

  • Content Strategy –All the things you deliver to your audience.
  • Marketing Strategy – How you attract your audience
  • Financial Strategy –How you keep things afloat
  • Administrative Strategy –How you keep yourself from going crazy.

Which episode was your favorite this year? I’d love to hear how you put it into practice and your results. Share the episode on social media and tag me so I can cheer you on!

It’s been quite a year. I’m looking forward to 2023. We’ll open a new group program specifically designed for women pursuing their God-inspired dream while working full time, I’ll host my first in-person retreat, and we’ll celebrate the 100th podcast episode. And that’s just in the first two months! I hope you’ll hang around, and maybe tell a friend about Just One Simple Thing.

Build A Better Year Workshop
E46: Your Discovery Call Toolkit
E52: A Simple Process to Create Simple Systems
E54: Ten Creative Ways to Use Sticky Notes
E60: Overcome the Idea Tornado & Get Clarity on Your Next Step
E76: Four Strategies You Need to Stay Focused and Save Time


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