Episode 87: What Happened As I Shift My Focus

What Happened As Shift My Focus

Wonder what it looks like when someone makes a pivot in their business? How long does it take to re-gain forward momentum after a shakeup, after I shift my focus? In Episode 87 of Just One Simple Thing, I’m sharing what it has looked like for me, almost two months after making some big announcements.

About two months ago, I started making a big change in my business. In Episode 80, I talked about how I made the decision to shift in a slightly new direction. I heard through my Instagram stories that y’all wanted to hear more about how it has been going, so that’s what we are going to do in this episode.

Let’s dive into what I’ve learned and how it’s going since I made the announcement.

As I shift to focus on women who are pursuing their God-inspired dream while working full time, it’s been interesting to see how it applies to women in other situations. So while I worried that I was narrowing down too much, I found the audience is a little broader than I thought.

A survey of my new audience gave unexpected results and is helping me frame the content. I was surprised to learn that only about 40% of women who identified as having a dream and a job actually want to quit the job.

I’m currently considering how I can use these results to create a new group program for them after the first of the year.

As far as how long it took to regain momentum, I’d say it took about six weeks.

I’m not sure if people were confused about what I was doing, or what, but everything dried up about the time of my announcement.

And I’m so thankful for the friends in my network who have shared about what I’m doing, sent me referrals, and invited me on their podcasts. With their help, things started picking up again by mid-October.

Making a shift like this is a project that requires dedicated time in your weekly plan, just like any other project.

Pausing the mastermind was a difficult, but wise, choice. Removing that from the plate for a time has created a spacious place for me to be creative, to think, to pray, to talk, to experiment.

I knew the direction I was taking about a month before I announced it, giving me time to start putting some pieces in place (like a new email opt-in) before I made it public. Overall, I’d say the shift is going well.

I’m more relaxed and have accepted working at a little slower pace now that I don’t feel like I have to build my business the way that others are doing it.

If you feel God is leading you to make a shift in your focus, I encourage you to look at the things you keep bumping into.

Are they barriers that can be moved with a little hard work and patience? Or are they boundaries that could have catastrophic results if you cross them? If it’s time to make a shift, make a plan so you can do it with confidence and intention.

And I want to end today’s episode by thanking you … the listeners of this podcast and my social media followers … for going on this journey with me. The Do A New Thing community is the best, and your support has meant the world to me.

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