Episode 85: How to Get Started When the Wait Is Over

How to get started when the wait is over

It’s been a long wait. You’ve been patient and trusted God through the waiting. But now, God says it’s time to go … to jump into the dream he’s given you. So, what do you do now? Welcome to Episode 85 of Just One Simple Thing, where you’ll learn how to get started and what to do when the wait is over.

I hope you got some good tips in Episode 84 about how to get out of the procrastination pit. But in Episode 83, we looked at what David did between the time when he was anointed as the future king, and the time that he actually became king. You might think that after years of waiting for God to release you to do your thing, it would be easy to jump right in and finally take some action. But that’s not always the case. You’ll have to create some momentum to get things moving.

There are four things David did to make that transition and move into the space God had created him for.

1. Leveraged his relationships

David didn’t have to go out and gather these people up. When he finally became King, they came to him. If you have been investing in people and relationships, using your gifts to serve where you can while you are waiting, when it is your time to step into the spotlight, people will rally around you and want to help you succeed.

2. Set up a home base

One of the first things David did as king was to take back control of Jerusalem and set up his home. As he continued to go out and battle for his people, he always had a safe place for himself and his closest advisors to come back to. Find the safe place for you, your team, and your followers to land in a strategic plan.  Head back to Episode 78 for more details on the four strategies you need to stay focused and save time.

3. ​​ Kept his eyes on God

David recognized that the Lord had established him, not for David’s own benefit, but for the sake of His people. Like David, we need to keep our eyes on God and remember that any growth or opportunity He gives us is for the sake of His people, not our own benefit.

4. Made imperfect progress

We know the stories well of all the ways David messed up. Adultery, scheming, murder, lying.

But one thing David didn’t do … he didn’t quit. He learned to listen to his advisors. He asked for forgiveness and leaned into his relationship with the Lord. And he kept moving forward, for the sake of God’s people.

As you step out in ministry or business, I promise you … you WILL mess up. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to quit. It’s time to learn from your mistakes, take refuge in God’s mercy and grace, and move forward imperfectly… for the sake of the people who NEED the transformation you can offer.


What are you waiting for? Has God told you to go, but you’re still holding back? Look at these four things David did after the wait and decide which one will help you most .. then make a plan to do it! And if you need help making that plan, let me know!

I hope this mini series on waiting and procrastinating has been helpful to you. If one of these four episodes 82 through 85 has been especially helpful for you, please share it on your social media and let me know.


Episode 78 Four Strategies You Need to Stay Focused and Save Time

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