Episode 82: Are You Waiting or Procrastinating?

Are You Waiting or Procrastinating?

Sometimes, God has us in a period of waiting. Sometimes, we put ourselves in a period of procrastinating. And often, we get the two mixed up. In Episode 82 of Just One Simple Thing, you’ll learn ways to discern the difference between Godly waiting, and plain old procrastinating.

I’ve said before that many of the podcast episodes are based on old blog posts. This one is based on my very first blog post, from September of 2015, and I remember exactly how I was feeling. I had already launched my website to promote my coaching services, but I never thought I would actually blog. I procrastinated on the blogging for about three months, and when I decided it was time to just do it, I figured I should drag some people along with me!

Many times we truly are waiting on God before moving forward. We wait for God to make it clear it is time for a change. We wait. And we wait. And it is good.

But sometimes, we use “waiting” as an excuse … as a euphemism for procrastinating. The challenge God has put in front of us is so big, so audacious, that we just can’t wrap our heads around it. So we wait. And we wait. And it is procrastinating.

So how do we know the difference?

1. Waiting renews your strength. Procrastinating saps your energy.

When God calls us to a time of waiting, it’s not for a time of doing nothing. He has a purpose when He is preparing us.

2. Waiting inspires hope. Procrastinating instills dread.

God-ordained waiting brings a hopeful excitement. Something big on the horizon is going to change everything and because God is in it, we know it is worth the wait.

Procrastination brings a burdensome dread.

If we don’t get up and do what God has called us to do, the loss will be crushing.

3. Waiting focuses on God. Procrastinating focuses on me.

When God asks us to wait, He asks us to trust Him.

We are listening for His voice and watching what He is doing around us. The fear of failure will cause us to put things off, being more concerned about how we will look than how God will move.

Waiting can be a productive time of refreshing, preparing and drawing closer to God. But when God says, “Go”, it’s time to jump in with our whole heart.


Do this little assessment. On a scale of 1 –10, are you getting stronger or feeling drained … 10 for stronger, 1 for drained. 10 for feeling hopeful, 1 for feeling dread. 10 for focusing on God, 1 for focusing on you. If you scored less than 15 points, friend, you are probably procrastinating. Decide now to take your first step of obedience. (Check out Episodes 9 and 10 for more ideas on taking your first steps.)


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