Episode 75: Tame Your Idea Tornado With A Strategy

Tame Your Idea Tornado With a StrategyYou may have heard me talk about how to tame your Idea Tornado … the swirl of ideas floating around in your head. But did you know you really have TWO tornados in there? You also have a problem tornado … all the things you think are standing in the way of progress. The only thing that can tame these twin tornados is a strategy. So let’s dive into Episode 75 of Just One Simple Thing and learn how to create one.

I’ve found that a lot of people, especially Christian women, and most especially Christian women in ministry, dislike the word “strategy”.

But if you’ve been around here very long, I hope one lesson you have taken away from Just One Simple Thing is that God is very strategic, and he left us many examples of his strategic nature through the stories in His Word. So let’s break down one of those stories and learn how you can create a strategy.

In 1 Kings 5, you’ll find the story of two kings … Solomon, who was trying to build the temple, and his neighbor, Hiram.

In this simple story, we see all the elements for a good strategy. Purpose + plan + system = strategy

It starts with a purpose. Solomon was very specific about the purpose of his strategy … the problem he was trying to solve. He needed wood and had no way to get it. When you are picking the problem you want to solve, be very specific, and get away from the low-hanging fruit. Solve the problems that are impacting you the most.

Which brings us to the second element of a good strategy … a plan. Solomon’s plan was to reach out to Hiram for help. In his message, he was very clear about what he needed and how he hoped to get it with Hiram’s help. When you are creating your plan, you always want to be clear on what “solved” looks like and devise a plan that is going to deliver that solution.

And the third element of a strategy is a system. You need a way to implement your plan. Solomon implemented his plan by exchanging grain and olive oil for cypress and juniper logs. How will you implement your plan?

Purpose + Plan + System = Strategy

Solomon needed a strategy to get the materials needed for the temple. The purpose of the strategy was obtaining wood. The plan was negotiating an exchange with a friendly partner. The system was trading grain and olive oil for cypress and juniper logs. He had a strategy.

Let’s look at a modern-day example. Say your problem is that your audience is not growing. You need a strategy to solve that problem.

The purpose of your strategy is get in front of new people so you can attract new members to your community. Your plan could be to speak at more events. Your system might be to hire a speaker coach to help you develop your signature message, and research event planners and how to apply to speak at their events.


Head over to my free Facebook group Plan &Pray with Do A New Thing and grab your Strategy Worksheet. Use it to brainstorm through the purpose, plan and system for a strategy to solve one of your biggest problems.

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