Episode 71: How to Have Your Best Launch Ever

What do you need to do in order to have a great launch? Is there a formula for guaranteed success, or is it all just one big shot in the dark every time you launch?

We’re wrapping up our mini series on launching with a special episode. You’ll hear a conversation between my friend Esther Littlefield and I all about how to have your best launch ever. You’ll learn the 3 essentials to having a successful launch … including one that you may have overlooked in the past.

Oh, and be sure to stick around to the end of our conversation for a special time-sensitive announcement!

Over the past 6 years, we’ve launched everything from coaching to services to freebies to courses and memberships… and we’ve had some launches that completely flopped, and others that flourished. After years of being behind the scenes of dozens of launches PLUS doing several of our own launches, we’ve learned that every successful launch must have 2 key components: A solid marketing strategy AND clear launch plan.

That’s why last summer, we created the Level Up Your Launch Method and taught it inside of a masterclass. But over the past year, we’ve talked with our community members and clients and we realized when you have togo through the launch process alone, it can be really tough. We realized that there’s one more key ingredient, aside from a strategy and a plan, that will supercharge a launch: support.

There are 3 main types of support that you could benefit from in your launch:
1. A guide / coach / mentor
2. Accountability
3. Community / friends / biz besties

We’ve learned that anyone can develop a strategy and create their launch plan — especially if they use our evel Up Your Launch method. And you CAN have a successful launch on your own. BUT it’s a whole lot more fun, and it’s often more successful, when you do it with support.

So now you know what you need in order to have your best launch ever. But we wanted to find a way to support you even more. We both have students and clients who are often looking for that added support to get their launch accomplished. So we have created Level up Your Launch LIVE -An 8 week guided experience to your best launch ever!

Level Up Your Launch LIVE will help you:

  • Feel confidentthat your offer and marketing strategy will appeal to your community (instead of launching something that might not be what your community needs)
  • Be prepared and equippedto complete the tasks necessary to get your launch out the door (instead of randomly doing tasks that may or may not be important)
  • Actually enjoythe launch process (instead of feeling lonely and confused)

Learn more about what is included in Level Up Your Launch Live here.

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