Episode 70: One Thing You Didn’t Think Of For Your Launch Plan

One Thing You Didn't Think of For Your Launch PlanIf you are thinking about launching a new product, course, or service, you are probably mapping out your launch plan, figuring out tech platforms, and honing in on your sales copy. But there is one ingredient for a successful launch that you probably haven’t thought of. Join me for Episode 70 of Just One Simple Thing to find out what it is!

We’re here in the middle of a mini-series all about the resources you need to successfully launch a new product, service, or course. In the last episode, we talked about how much time you’ll need to launch. We went over a basic launch timeline, and you might have been surprised to learn that you need somewhere around 8 weeks to properly prepare yourself and your audience for your launch. If you missed that, head back to Episode 69 to get the breakdown.

Then if you are listening in real time, you may have seen a post on my Instagram feed where I talked about the tech resources and platforms you might need for your launch. I shared three priorities and three questions to ask when selecting the right systems for you …. Because what’s best for me is not necessarily what’s best for you.

So in today’s episode, let’s talk about the one resource you need for your launch that you probably haven’t thought of … and that’s community and accountability. Actually … that’s two different resources. Sometimes, you can get them in the same place, but it’s usually best if they come from different sources or perspectives.

Community is built around a shared experience. It could be an experience everyone has had before, or an experience the group goes through together. The shared experience bonds the members of the community, even when they have very little in common otherwise.

Accountability is a completely different thing.

Accountability is more than just reporting in on how you are doing and being encouraged and cheered along your path. True, active accountability comes after you when you don’t check in.

I often see people going to their community, to their friends, for accountability. And I have to be honest with you … most communities and even most friendships are not mature enough for the consistency and hard conversations that accountability requires.

So where do you find community and accountability for your launch? Here are three suggestions.

1. Launch with affiliates.
2. Launch with a partner.
3. Launch with a coach.

Before you start engaging people for community and accountability, you need to be sure your business or ministry is ready to launch something new. Esther and I created an assessment you can use to figure that out. Go grab the assessment here, add up your points, and decide if you are Good to Go, On Your Way, or Not Quite Ready. I’d love to hear your results. DM me on FB or IG @doanewthing to let me know what you have going on.

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Unearthing Everyday Faith subscription box
Pre-launch Readiness Assessment

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