Episode 65: How to Network at a Conference Part 2 – During and After

Are you planning to go to a conference or in-person event soon? If you are an introvert like me (and I know that most of you are!), networking at in-person events can be nerve-wracking. Back in Episode 63, we covered my best tips for preparing for the conference. Here in Episode 65, you’ll learn how to survive networking during the event, and what to do when you get home to extend the impact. Let’s dive in!

I’m getting excited about the conference I’m going to later this summer. I’ve already been doing some of the prep work that we talked about back in Episode 63. I have a list of people that I want to be sure and connect with, and I’ve recently been working to clarify my elevator pitch.

I’ve got my mental attitude straight and I’m feeling equipped and prepared to have some great conversations, so now what? Here are some practical points to consider during the conference.

1. Put serving others before your own awkwardness.

2. Balance social time with alone time.

3. Sit in the middle of the room.

You survived the conference and now you are back at home. You may think you are safe now, but connecting continues after you get home.You probably collected a pile of business cards or digital connection cards along the way. Divide them into two piles: One pile for people that you met and just want to stay in touch with, and another pile for people who made a deeper impression on you… people who could be potential partners or clients.

Even if you implement all of these tips, I’m not promising that networking time won’t be awkward or uncomfortable. But with a little preparation and confidence inspired by your God-dream, you can make it through without throwing up in your purse. That’s progress!

Head over to my free Facebook group Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing and grab your Conference Networking Cheat Sheet. Tuck it in your conference notebook and take a peek when you need some conversation starters or a little pep talk! You’ll also find a handy Conference Planning Worksheet to keep all the important details at your fingertips.

I’d love to know what conferences you are going to this summer. Maybe I’ll see you there! Snap a screen shot of this episode, share it on your social media, and share where we can find you during this conference season. Be sure to tag me @doanewthing!

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