Episode 58: What I Learned from Sharing My Frustration

What I Learned from Sharing My Frustration

Have you ever felt like you are the only one who doesn’t “get it”? The only one who is struggling or who will never do it all “right”? In Episode 58 of Just One Simple Thing, you learn three things I noticed recently when I opened up and made a little confession to some friends.

I’m so thankful that you are hanging out with me today, because I want to start off with a story. Actually, it’s a story about a story that I shared in my Instagram stories. I know that’s kinda weird but I hope you can follow along. You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear the story because it is complicated to explain in the notes.

Now, here are three things I learned from this story about a story.

  1. If something is keeping you stuck, or frustrating you, try to figure out exactly what about it is causing you to stay stuck.
  2. Sharing your struggles is the first step to finding solutions.
  3. Everybody is not doing what you think everybody is doing.

In case you are wondering, I want you to know:

  • Everybody is not posting to their IG feed every day.
  • Everybody is not self-publishing books and devotionals. Everybody is not checking all the things off their to-do list.
  • Everybody is not starting a podcast.

You are not falling behind, not doing too little, not squandering your gifts. If you are caring for the people God has put in front of you and making the most of every door he opens for you, you are doing exactly enough.


Share something that is frustrating you like I did and see if someone can help you find a solution. On your social media, post this statement “I’m frustrated by [fill in the blank]. Can you help me find a solution?” If you head over to my free Facebook group Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing, you’ll find a template that will help you do that in your stories.

Thanks so much for being part of my community. You guys are so smart and so generous with sharing your ideas. If you download the Castro app, use it to share this episode with a friend!

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