Episode 57: 3 Keys to Planning Your Projects

3 Keys to Planning Your Projects

What kind of projects do you have going on right now? Even very small projects have a way of growing legs and becoming more complicated and time consuming than you expected. In Episode 57 of Just One Simple Thing, you’ll learn three principles for planning your projects well so you can reach your goals.

We are going to dive into some of the practical aspects of project management, and as you might have guessed, it all centers around having a great plan. But you could be surprised to hear me say that creating a plan is also one of the biggest project management mistakes. At least, creating a plan too soon.

Our projects need a little time to mature and develop before we can create a good plan.

Let’s dive in to the three things you need to create your project plan.

1. You need time in your schedule for your most strategic projects or tasks.

If I find that the schedule is too full, I know I need to extend the timeline for my project, or take some other things off my plate.

2. You need to break the project down into steps.

Pull the steps into buckets to give them some structure.

3. You need a timeline.

In Episode 55, I talked about using sticky notes for interactive planning and this is the perfect application for that.


The Planning Six-Pack is what I use personally and what I use with all of my coaching clients. It’s a simple, flexible tool to create a road map that guides you from beginning to end. Head over to my free Facebook group, Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing, and grab your free copy!

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