Episode 54: Ten Creative Ways to Use Sticky Notes

Ten Creative Ways to Use Sticky Notes

What’s your favorite office supply? I bet if I took a poll, sticky notes would be the runaway winner! So let’s have a bit of fun and run through some creative ways to use sticky notes to organize and manage your ministry or business.

We just finished up the Simplifying with Systems series and I hope you were able to create some new systems to save time and frustration. So I thought before we move on, we’d do something fun and maybe a little silly. No deep spiritual principle this week … just celebrating our favorite office supply … sticky notes.

10 creative ways you can use sticky notes in your ministry or business.

  1. Mapping out a process or workflow
  2. Track Discovery Call contacts
  3. Celebrate people who sign up for your course or program
  4. Create your book outline
  5. Tabs in a book
  6. Urgent Reminders
  7. Brainstorming
  8. Annual planning
  9. Keep your focus in a work session
  10. Interactive Planning

Go get you some sticky notes and start planning! Share on social media your favorite way to use sticky notes and tag me @doanewthing so I can share your great ideas!

In the next episode, we’ll celebrate the one year anniversary of Just One Simple Thing. If you haven’t left an honest review yet, go ahead and do that … it would be the very best anniversary present.

I have some pre-printed sticky notes that you can use to keep your focus during your work session. Visit this page to check them out!

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