Episode 52: A Simple Process to Create Simple Systems

A Simple Process to Create Simple Systems

Do you know how to create a system? How to document the steps? And then how to review and refine your system? Listen in on Episode 52 of Just One Simple Thing as I share my simple process to create simple systems.

While I love organizing people and events and ideas, I am personally one of the most unorganized people you know. If I had a dollar for every number in my phone screen notification bubbles, I’d finally have that six-figure business all the gurus rave about.

But even in the middle of my mess, I have some key, documented systems that keep things flowing in my ministry and business. The last episode of Just One Simple Thing kicked off the Simplify with Systems series. We covered exactly what a system is and why you need it. If you missed it, head back to Episode 51 and check it out.

In this episode, I’ll share with you my simple process for creating simple systems.

We start with deciding what process we need to create a system for. Here are some criteria to consider.

  • The ones you use most often
  • Ones that are complicated
  • Ones you’re likely to get help
  • Ones you are likely to forget

Next, you want to document the steps you currently take to complete this task.

Now you need to pick the type of system you want to use. In Episode 51, we talked about checklists, workflows, and automated systems and when to use each of them. Refer back to that episode and pick a place to start.

That will give you a basic system. So next, you want to review and refine the system by eliminating, delegating, and automating.

  • Eliminate unnecessary steps.
  • Eliminate anything out of sequence.
  • Eliminate recycles.
  • Delegate anything that someone else can do.
  • Automate things that are done very frequently.
  • Automate things that are labor-intensive.
  • Automate things with steps that may be easily missed or need frequent monitoring.


If you didn’t grab the system creation worksheet last week, head over to my free Facebook group, Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing and download your copy. Use it to create a system for something that is holding you back with busy work in your business or ministry. Snap a picture of your worksheet and share it on social media using the hashtag #justonesimplething.

Tag me @doanewthing so I can cheer you on. I can’t wait to see the systems you create. In the next episode, I’ll share details on two of my favorite systems …the idea capture system, and the client lead follow-up system. I’ll see you there!


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Book Recommendation: Redeeming Your Time: 7 Biblical Principles for Being Purposeful, Present, and Wildly Productive by Jordan Raynor

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