Episode 27: 3 Ways to Build Resilience That Bounces Back

3 Ways to Build Resilience That Bounces Back

It’s been a rough couple of years, hasn’t it? Maybe with all the chaos around us, you didn’t reach your ministry growth goals, you didn’t actually launch that new program you wanted to, you didn’t get the support you hoped for. You might be wondering if you really have the energy or the heart to have high expectations again?

In Episode 27, I’ll share three ways to build resilience we can learn from the life of Joseph in the Old Testament, and three practical ways you can develop resilience in your own life. The dictionary definition of resilience is “returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched.” I can’t think of anyone in the Bible who was bent, compressed or stretched more than Joseph.

The first thing we learn from Joseph is to know where you came from and where you are going. Joseph knew where he was headed. When he looked around and saw something different than what God had shown him, he knew it was not the end. God still had more for him to do. God still has more for you to do. When He called you to speak up and speak out for him, he knew there would be a pandemic. He knew we would see historic division in our country and opposition to His standards. And still, he called you.

The second thing we learn from Joseph is to use our gifts and find joy in our difficult circumstances. Through all of these setbacks, God was putting Joseph in a place to hone his leadership skills. He was developing a reputation as a man who could be trusted with things. God and Joseph both knew these setbacks were not the end of Joseph’s story. They were only stepping stones to prepare Joseph for his ultimate calling.

And the last thing we can learn from Joseph about being resilient is to continue to trust God and believe the best in people. When things fall apart, it is so tempting to find someone to blame. In Joseph’s case, there were plenty of people to blame. After being let down by the people in his life so many times, it would be natural for Joseph to become distrustful and withdrawn.

If we grow frustrated, pull back and become distrustful and cynical, we will never see what God truly created us for. So how do we develop resilience like Joseph? Here are three practical ways to build resilience:

1. Write down the dream or calling God has given.
2. Be faithful in doing weekly, quarterly and annual reviews.
3. Shift from blaming to believing the best.

The last two years have been hard. They have bent us. They have compressed us. They have stretched us. But they have. not. broken us. Our calling is strong. Our faith is strong. Our God is strong. So let’s bounce back until God leads us exactly where we were meant to be all along.


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