Episode 23: Position Yourself with Resources

Do you ever wish you had unlimited resources to invest in your ministry or business? What if God has already given you everything you need to do what he has called you to do? In the fifth part of our series of Success Foundations, we are looking at how you position yourself for success by using the resources you have to fill the gaps of what you are missing. We’ll learn how God used a woman’s ordinary possessions and abilities to do something extraordinary.

As our work grows, so do the demands on our resources … on our knowledge, our time and our money. We want to be wise in the way we use those resources, and sometimes it is hard to know where to focus. We often feel like we lack the one thing that will make all the difference. No matter what you feel like you are lacking, God is going to provide all the resources you need to do the thing He called you to do.

Jael was a woman who used the resources she had at hand to impact her nation’s future. You can find her story in Judges 4. In this episode, I’ll share three important lessons we can learn from Jael.

  1. We don’t want to rush things and run ahead of God. But when God says, “Move”, we need to move and not waste the little bits of time we have.
  2. When we are looking for resources to solve a problem, it may not be our money, but rather, our possessions that God puts in play.
  3. God doesn’t need you to have any special skills or abilities. He will use your ordinary to do something extraordinary.


Do an assessment of your resources. But instead of focusing on what you DON’T have, focus on what you DO have. What small blocks of time could you put to good use? What assets do you have around you that you could use? What have you learned in your profession or your volunteer work that you can apply to your ministry or business? Get creative and use you have in one area to make up for what you lack in another. If you need some help with this, visit my Facebook group Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing and grab a free resource assessment worksheet.


More Than A Blog: Success Foundations –A six-module self-guided course to assess five key areas of your ministry or business, and discover a defined purpose, a clear path forward and the steps needed to reach your goals.

Book Recommendation: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown


It can be exhausting trying to figure out which strategy or tactic will actually bring in clients consistently.

#ToughGrace: Growing your business online can’t happen without clients or students buying your offers.

I have learned a lot from my friend Esther Littlefield about how to grow my business and bring in more clients, and I’m excited that she is offering a training to help more women do the same.

It’s called the Consistent Clients Challenge, and it’s happening Sept. 20-24, 2021.

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