Episode 21: Creating a Presence That Will Make God Famous


Creating a Presence That Will Make God Famous

Establishing a consistent brand is an important part of growing any kind of ministry or business. In our series on Success Foundations, let’s look at how to build a God-honoring presence that delivers on a promise.  Our purpose should be to make God famous.

As Christian creatives, we all say we want our business or ministry to glorify God. But we spend a lot of time getting all the fonts and colors on our website to match, and being sure we have exactly the same profile picture across our social media to draw attention. It feels so self-centered, and it can be if our focus is on ourselves.

Your brand is your promise. You do not choose your brand. You earn it. Not many people in the Bible made God more famous and earned their brand than David. As a shepherd and a harpist, as a warrior and a king, he brought honor and attention to God. God uses a good reputation to open ministry and business opportunities to us. A first step to building a good reputation is being an active, supportive member of the online Christian community.

You have to deliver on your promise. When King Saul needed someone to take on a big challenge, David delivered on the promise of his brand. David made some astounding claims. The young man who spent his time tending sheep claimed to be able to take down a battle-hardened warrior that dwarfed him in size. The powerful combination of experience, faith and reputation are the same key components of building a Presence that makes God famous today.

God changes lives when you make Him famous. David’s experience and reputation may have helped him get the opportunity to fight Goliath, but when that opportunity put him center stage, it was not about anything he had done. It was all about God.  After David took Goliath down with a stone and cut off his head, the enemy fled. And the men of Israel destroyed them. God gave them the courage to do what they couldn’t do before.  As we make God famous through our ministries and businesses, we give people the opportunity to do what they couldn’t do before. The courage to change. The hope to overcome obstacles. The power to step out in faith. The grace to weather a storm.

Your brand isn’t measured by numbers. In an environment where downloads equal legitimacy and email lists determine worth, the expectations can be crushing. David knew a thing about those expectations. When he returned from the battle where he killed Goliath, the people were cheering and chanting in the streets. He was the first viral sensation! But David was keenly aware that his purpose was to be king.

ACTION STEP: As you establish yourself online, what is the promise you are making to your audience? Is that reflected by the reputation you’re earning? Or have you gotten distracted by all the trappings of branding, and lost sight of your brand? Visit my free Facebook group Plan & Pray with Do a New Thing for a worksheet to help you process these questions.

RESOURCES: More Than A Blog: Success Foundations –A six-module self-guided course to assess five key areas of your ministry or business, and discover a defined purpose, a clear path forward and the steps needed to reach your goals.

Book Recommendation: Let.It.Go: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith by Karen Ehman

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