Episode 2: What Difference Can One Simple Thing REALLY Make?


Hey Hey! It’s Episode 2 and we are really rolling now! In this episode, you’ll learn what “tough grace accountability” means, how you can take part in every episode, and what REALLY happens when you take just one small step towards your goals.

Key Points:

  • Tough-grace accountability means you won’t always be perfect and life happens,  but we love you too much and care too much about your dream to let you keep making excuses.
  • Unless we know specifically the problem we are trying to solve, a lot of the things we try may not help, and could actually make things worse, substituting activity for effectiveness.
  • The value of that one small step is so much more than the incremental result that you see. That one step creates movement, motivation, and momentum.

Action Step:
Download the Dream Blockers template for Instagram Stories or Facebook.  Use it to list the top three things that are standing between you and the dream God has put on your heart, then post it on social media and tag me @doanewthing  and #justonesimplething.

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