Episode 15: Maximize Your Content by Repurposing and Republishing

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Repurposing Content and Republishing

Feeling trapped on the content hamster wheel? In Episode 14, we talked about maximizing the new content you create. Here in Episode 15, I’ll talk about repurposing content, and focus on refreshing and republishing content on your website. Ready to make old things new again?

Creating 8–10 new pieces of content every week can wear out even the most dedicated, gifted, and inspired writers. How about if I give you permission to just stop doing it? To step off the content hamster wheel, but still spread the message God gave you to share?

If you’ve been creating content consistently for a long time, you are sitting on a gold mine that can be repurposed or republished. Maybe you feel funny about that.  Are you cheating your audience by using the same content again? Will they get bored if they hear something they’ve heard before? Not to worry. The Bible is full of examples of God repeating himself.

Much of your repurposed content will land in front of people who’ve never seen it before. Your audience has grown, and even your long-time people haven’t seen everything. But even for those who see it again, it may be God’s way of giving them the same message that will resonate in a different way at a different time of their life.

Repurposing content comes in many forms:

  • Convert an old blog post into a podcast episode
  • Break up an old subscriber freebie into several social media posts.
  • Edit clips of related podcast episodes into a “Best of” series to run through the summer.

If you want to get serious about SEO, check out SEO for Christian Bloggers from Kingdom Bloggers Academy.

One of the most effective ways to repurpose is to simply clean up and republish old posts. Follow these four steps to give your old content a fresh new life:

  1. Update any outdated or time-sensitive information
  2. Give it an SEO refresh
  3. Create a new subscriber freebie or freshen up one you already have
  4. If you are monetizing your content, add an affiliate link

Repurposing your old content finds the balance between consistently speaking to your audience, and having time and space to create your greatest work. So if you’ve been hesitant to do it, go ahead – I give you permission!

Find your best post more than a year old, give it a little makeover, and republish it. If you visit our free Facebook group Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing, you’ll find a checklist to guide you. Promote your republished post on your social media. If you’ll tag me @doanewthing and use the hashtag #justonesimplething, I’ll stop by and give it a little engagement.

If you don’t have anything more than a year old, look at your three top-performing posts and decide how you can repurpose them. You can make a big dent in your social media plan for the month by using small bits of each post as a caption.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Book Recommendation: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

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