Episode 100: Celebrating 100 with Q&A

Celebrating 100 with Q & A

It’s the 100th episode of Just One Simple Thing, and we are celebrating 100 by answering your questions. Stay tuned for my thoughts on co-laboring with God, figuring out what to work on first, and how much of your time you should be spending on promoting versus creating.

It seems like only yesterday that I said I would rather stick a needle in my eye than start a podcast! But here we are … 100 episodes and almost two years later. It turned out to be a good decision and a lot less painful than anything involving needles.

I asked my listeners to send in questions for me to answer in this special episode and I received some great ones!

In this episode, I’ll answer these questions.

From Carmen James –Certified Wellness Coach

IG: @carmenjamesfitness
Website: carmenjamesfitness.com
How do we co-labor with the Lord in our business, and how do we discern the voice of the Lord in our decision-making?

From Toni Thrash –Life Coach

IG @tonithrash
Website: fortitudelifecoach.com
My purpose is to coach women through life transitions and I want to write about that as well. Which should I work on first?

From Naomi Fata –Sustainable Sewing Coach

IG: @naomifata
Website: naomifata.net
What’s your rule of thumb for time spent networking or on social media vs. content creation and revenue streams?

From Renee Bethel –Life Coach and Enneagram Coach

IG: @findingmechristiancoaching
Website: findingmechristiancoaching.com
What’s your best advice for streamlining social media content? How do I determine if I have too many non-negotiables and not enough time for money-making things for my weekly business plan?

From Kim Wilbanks –Author and Blogger

IG: @kimwilbanks
Website: kimwilbanks.com
How do you do it all.

From Julie Lynn Ashley –Grief Support Coach
Website: julielynnashley.com
What keeps you moving forward on your God-dream even on your most disappointing days?

I’m going to ask you the same question that Julie Lynn asked me. What keeps you moving forward on your God-dream even on the most discouraging days? I’d love for you to share that on social media and tag me so I can give you a little encouragement today.

Go check out some of the amazing ladies who submitted these questions! They have resources to support you in all stages of life.

Did last month get away from you with little progress on your plans?

If only someone could help you make sure you are working on the right things at the right time and create a plan that is actually doable.

Let me review your plan for the month and give you personal feedback, just like I give my one-on-one clients.

It’s the most cost-effective way to get personal coaching and feel confident in taking your next steps forward.

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