Community Means Better Together

Good communities don’t just stand back and cheer you on.  They help you and share the burden.  When you are tired and whining, they don’t let you give upThere is a natural cycle in elephant eating.  First, you are terrified of the hugemongous gray thing staring at you.  The flapping ears and flailing trunk are threatening to knock you flat on the floor.  

But then, you start looking at the bite-sized pieces. You start getting a plan and you get inspired .. excited even!  You can do this thing!  Really!  You can!

So you dive in with your whole heart.  Things are happening.  You are checking things off your to-do list .. totally rocking this elephant eating thing.  Go, you!

Then you hit the wall.  Your two-pounds-per-week became positive instead of negative.  You can’t decide if the copper duck wall hanging from Aunt Doris goes in the “Sell” pile or the “Trash” pile.  The blog post you were carefully crafting but only half- finished mysteriously posts itself in the middle of the night. (Not that any of those things have ever happened to me ….)

Uggghhhh!!!  Frustrating!!  You ask God, “Did you really call me to THIS??  If this is what it’s going to be like, then just kill me now, because I’m tired and I can’t do it any more!”

If you have ever said that, congratulations!  You are in good company!  I recently found these verses in Numbers 11 where Moses felt the exact same way. His elephant was to lead an entire nation from slavery to the promised land.  No biggie.

When Moses got frustrated, God gave him some great advice. Get a community.  Yep, God told Moses to surround himself with 70 leaders.  

They will share the burden … with you so that you will not have to carry it alone.”

Not only that, but God promised to uniquely equip those leaders to help Moses.

That’s what a good community does for you.  They don’t just stand back and cheer you on.  They help you and share the burden.  When you are tired and whining, they don’t let you give up, but they remind you of what God has called you to and why.  Here are some of the people who do that for me.  I couldn’t do life without them. 







Where do you find that kind of community?  Here are a few places to try.

In your circle

I know that sounds super-obvious.  But how many of your friends have you told about your elephant?  Is it possible that there are others in your circle of friends who are facing the same thing and y’all just haven’t talked about it? Or maybe they would be willing to walk beside you if you just ask.  That’s what friends are for!

Local Resources

Your local library, fitness center, church or community center.  These places have classes and groups for all kinds of things.  

Facebook groups

There is seriously a Facebook group for everything.  Just use the search bar at the top of the page and you are likely to find a group. (Remember last week when we talked about role models?  Your role model may have a Facebook group or page associated with themselves or their ministry. Great places to find community!)

Create one yourself 

If you can’t find a community to join, then start one. It may take a little while to grow, but there are probably tons of people out there who are going through the same struggles and feelings you are.  


Look. I know it’s hard, putting yourself out there.  Sharing your biggest dreams, struggles, and insecurities with others.  You feel needy and like the new girl at the party.  But there are people out there who WANT to be in community with you.  Who NEED to be in community to you.  Community is a two-way street.  You give and you get. Not always in equal measure, but always in equal belief in each other.

God's Girls in Community

If Moses needed 70 people in his community, you need at least a few, right?  .  


Share about your community.  Do you have one?  Do you need one?

If you’ve missed any posts in our 31 Days of Eating Elephants series, you can find them here.  Tomorrow’s post will be on Zohary’s blog!

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6 thoughts on “Community Means Better Together”

  1. I can’t agree more with your words here, Christa. Community has been an absolute game changer in my life. Great tips on how to find one. Mine actually started with a Facebook group for a P31 OBS 2 years ago and took off from there. I had been isolated for years before that. Thank you for your important advice! It will help many :).

    • Candace, I’m so thankful to know that the P31 OBS small group is part of your community! Are you still in a group? Which one? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Had me laughing! …But that kind of “Oh, I know this too well” laughing. Thank you fro this wisdom and encouragement. And the question if I’ve told…hmm….should probably do that more…

    THANKS! Blessings! #TestimonyTuesday


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