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I’m so excited for my friend, Carmen, who just published her new ebook “By His Grace We Blog“, a super helpful guide for new Christian bloggers.  Carmen is sharing today how she felt God leading her on each step of her blogging journey, including writing the ebook.  Welcome, Carmen!

When I first started blogging, I would tirelessly research anything and everything about how to start a blog. I began the endless research two months before officially launching Married by His Grace site. I wanted to learn all that I could about how to start a blog.

I believe part of the constant research was also due to the fact of having an excuse to prolong my blog’s launch. I made myself believe I could not start blogging til I found all the facts and insight that I needed. I was doubtful of being able to maintain a blog. Technology feared me and the question of ‘Who am I to write about God’s word?” overwhelmed me.

Once I was able to conquer the thoughts well enough through lots of prayer for boldness and courage, I began Married by His Grace blog. Although I finally came to a place of some confidence to blog, I was still requiring answers to long overdue questions that I had.

I had a deep desire to learn more about blogging from a Christian-based perceptive. I wanted to learn in depth details of how bloggers in the Christian niche were succeeding. What were their thoughts about social media? What did they think about monetizing from a Christian Blog? Is blogging considered a ministry? What encourages them to continue writing during the discouraging times?

Finding answers to such questions as these is simple, if you do not need a Christian perspective. Once in awhile through all the secular blogging posts about ‘How to blog’, I would find Christian bloggers that would have content regarding how to build a blog. They would share details about blogging through some of their posts. I would find some contentment in this but still felt a void that I was not receiving direct answers to my questions.

This did become harder for me to overcome because as I continued to blog I would think of more questions that I needed answers to. My blog was growing and I needed the mentorship. I wanted affirmation that I was in alignment with what Christian blogging was considered.

After months of blogging and receiving no peace about the matter, I decided to step back from the blog for a moment. I took a week away from creating content and engaging on social media so that I could seek God about my concerns.

After just a few days of pursuing the Lord about why was I so unsettled with my blog, He revealed to me “Man (or woman) could not answer the questions I have because I was looking for the fulfillment in the wrong place.” Although I did not think I was comparing my Christian niche blog to another blogger, I realized that by seeking to find out how they were achieving satisfaction and maintaining a  blog was a form of comparison. The Lord showed me that I had to seek Him for the purpose and plans for every aspect of the blog. This included: social media, monetizing, affiliating, writing content, networking, branding, and much more.

I immediately sought after the Lord about this. I asked Him to show me the vision for Married by His Grace step by step. I wanted to see how He saw it. I knew by doing this, it was finally going to give me the answers I desired. And it did.

I went back to writing new content for Married by His Grace a week later. I began working on tasks that I felt was being pressed upon me to do for the benefit of the blog which was to: plan accordingly, create short term and long term goals, and begin networking with other Christian based bloggers.

After completing these tasks I started to see a cultivation in my blog. It was developing into a ministry. A ministry that I did not ever consider for the blog before.

What I once thought of as an annoyance, was now turning into a passion. My frustrating thoughts and questions about maintaining a Christian niche blog was becoming a passion to become transparent and accessible to other Christian Bloggers about blogging. Specifically in areas such as:  following the leading of God about how to create a ministry through blogging and how to monetize with confidence.

Following through with the tasks that were pressed upon me earlier in the post contributed to discovering my passion in blogging. Planning accordingly gave me more free time to begin new projects, creating the goals renewed my vision for the blog, and networking helped me to develop Christ centered relationships that I found encouragement and mentorship in.

The By His Grace We Blog ebook answers your questions about Christian bloggingThis week I am honored and blessed beyond words to share that my first eBook about Christian Blogging is now available.

‘By His Grace We Blog’ ebook is specifically for the beginner Christian Blogger that is pursuing the lead from Him.

This ebook will take you step by step in areas of blogging such as:

  • Seeking God for His leading in blogging
  • How to find your niche
  • What to do before launching your blog
  • Cultivating your blog into a ministry
  • How to use Pinterest for the benefit of blogging
  • Several ways to monetize from blogging
  • Networking
  • Branding

You will walk through all this and much more!

Carmen has offered a sweet discount for readers of Do A New Thing! Use the discount code byhisgrace and you will receive a 15% discount when purchasing the “By His Grace We Blog” eBook.

Click  here to purchase “By His Grace We Blog”

1463813201298Carmen Brown is the creator Married by His Grace blog. She is a wife, mother, and an obsessive coffee drinker. She leads the By His Grace Bloggers Private Facebook Group that is for Christian Women Bloggers only. Her hope is to encourage them through their passion to spread the gospel through their writings. Her group also teaches on topics such as monetizing, branding, Pinterest, and more. You can learn more about Carmen Brown at Married by His Grace






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  1. I am so blessed that Christa gave me an opportunity to share. The questions I shared on the description of the eBook definitely echo with me in the beginning of my blogging journey and I hope through experience and constant learning about blogging I answered them for anyone else that is now experiencing it.


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