5 Clues That You Need to Rest

Resting is not an option. Go created us to work and to rest well.

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Certain seasons of the year are just busier than others.  Am I right?

Springtime is pretty bad.  Easter, Spring Break, graduations … that keeps us hopping.

Summer?  Well, vacations, kids under foot and summer ball keep us running the road.

Then there’s back to school.

And before you know it, it’s October.  Bring on HallowThanksMas!

Wait …. didn’t we pretty much cover all the seasons?  Maybe we get a little break to catch our breath in January and February.  But if you are anything like me, you cram those “slow months” with all the things you didn’t get around to the rest of the yea

We need a rest.

And I’m not talking about more sleep.  We always could use more of that.

I’m talking about a soul rest.

We need to step away from the computer, put down the cell phone, circle some empty squares on the calendar and hold them sacred. Take a step back when stepping up has worn us out.

Did that thought make you go “aaaahhh” or “eeeeekkk!!”?  Being a recovering Type A Martha, it kinda makes me eek.  Rest is for sissys, right?  For those that can’t keep up?

Wrong.  Rest …. margin … breathing room … whatever you call it …. is not only needed, it is expected by God.  He created us to work and to rest well.  If you still aren’t convinced, here are five clues that you need to take a rest.

  1.  You’ve put taking care of business above taking care of yourself. – Self-care is a hot topic these days and sometimes, it is just a euphemism for being selfish and lazy.  But eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep are some of the first victims when we are overwhelmed and out of time.
  2.  Your decisions are based on what’s most urgent, not what’s most important. – When you are always working up against a deadline, the deadline rules what gets done and what doesn’t.  Often what doesn’t are the things that are most important. (See #1 above).
  3.  You can’t sleep because your brain keeps spinning when your head hits the pillow. – Unfinished thoughts haunt us when we try to calm our minds and drift off to sleep.  But when we are able to finish our important tasks and take a break before heading to bed, our minds can settle along with our bodies.
  4.  You can’t enjoy a casual conversation without stressing over what isn’t getting done. – Being present in our daily interactions keeps our connections and relationships strong.  When multi-tasking becomes a mental habit, we break that connection with the important people who are right in front of us.
  5.  The passion that used to fuel you now drains you. Doing the work of our passion fills us up and we feel like we could do it forever.  But when you start dreading the things you used to anticipate, you need a break.

When I experience those things in my life, I know I’ve gone too far.  My drive to do all the things for all the people has silenced my inner Mary who needs to sit at the feet of Jesus. It’s time to cut back and bring a little perspective.

That’s when I grab one of these favorite resources to help me break the cycle …. again.  (You know you have a problem when breaking the cycle comes in cycles!)

Breathe by Priscilla Shirer – More than a book or Bible study, this study journal and videos that go with it offer an unique perspective on God’s plan for Sabbath rest.  It’s a journey of trusting Him.

Holy HustleCrystal Stine reminds us that we were created to work with enthusiasm for the right reasons—and we were also made with a need to rest.

Made Like Martha by Katie Reid – Here is an offer to step into your position as a daughter of God and to enjoy life as a doer.

Doing Busy Better – Glynnis Whitwer helps us examine our hearts and our schedules in order to seek a healthy and holy balance between–and enjoyment of–both work and rest

What’s your favorite way to step back when stepping up has worn you out?

3 thoughts on “5 Clues That You Need to Rest”

  1. “HallowThanksMas” lol! Yes, it’s so easy to get burnt out. I’m looking forward to a break I scheduled toward the end of the year. Checking out Priscilla’s book above. Sounds great. Thanks! And pinning your post.

  2. I so enjoyed Breathe! It really puts rest into perspective! These cues are spot on!! Thanks for sharing, friend! I’m already starting to feel the pinch so this is such a great reminder to remember what’s MOST important! xoxo


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