31 Days of Eating Elephants – Let’s Do This!

Is it really October already??  Oh goodness … the year is almost gone and do you feel like you haven’t really accomplished anything?  Or maybe you got a few things done, but that one big goal, dream or project is still sitting on the shelf, waiting for you to pay it some attention? While you have been looking at it, the “thing” has grown giant ears, a whip of a tail and big long trunk! You have an elephant staring you down!elephant 11

We know that feeling too! Over and over we hear women talk about feeling overwhelmed either by specific tasks or just life in general: working, raising children, leading a ministry, being a good daughter or
friend, writing a book, starting a blog and so on.

You see the problem is that when we’re staring at an “elephant” (whatever that looks like for us), it can seem SO huge that it’s paralyzing. We can’t do anything because the idea of actually eating the whole thing seems impossible.

But it’s not really. It’s just one big meal made up of many little bites.

My friend, Zohary, is an amazing life coach and she wanted to address some personal “elephants” and also create a larger discussion around it on her blog.  October is a great time for a series because it’s “Write 31 Days” month. So she came up with 31 Days of Eating Elephants (I’m sorry if that offends any of my animal loving friends, you know we don’t mean REAL elephants, right?). She graciously invited me to host the topic with her so we could offer two different perspectives from our own areas of expertise. So, between the two of us, we will give you strategies and tools for taking on big goals/dreams/projects and making them bite sized.

Here is how it will work:

  • Today, we have the same post on both of our blogs.
  • Tomorrow, we will each have our own elephant-eating stories on our own blogs
  • Starting next week, we’ll each post twice a week,
  • On the weekends, we’ll take the conversation to social media. Watch for some fun events where you can join us.
  • We’ll also have a private Facebook group where you can discuss your progress with other elephant-eaters, support and encourage each other.  Join us there for more fun and resources!

Be sure to follow us both on social media so you don’t miss a thing! (See the links and GIVEAWAY below to like and follow!)

Is there an “elephant” you are facing? Something that seems daunting to you but you’d really like to move forward and give it a try? Then join us! Share below in the comments about the elephant you need to eat.  I’m really excited! This fall can be a time when we make stuff happen!

This week, I am linking up with Suzie Eller’s #LiveFree (because the junk you carry may be an elephant!).

8 thoughts on “31 Days of Eating Elephants – Let’s Do This!”

  1. Lots of elephants in my life…and not just in the living room…in the powder room and the hallway as well. And wait…what’s this…I think I getting ready to birth another one (long gestation period so it is hard to tell.) I am definitely in.

  2. Hello from a fellow #livefreeThursday and #write31days blogger. I am having so much fun connecting with other bloggers and seeing what they are up to for the month of October. I love the name and focus of your series, and will definitely be following along. Blessings to you!

  3. I am so looking forward to reading your posts. “31 Days of Eating Elephants” is so thought provoking. Hmmmmm…..what elephants am I dealing with right now!? I suppose I love with a whole herd.

    Such a clever way to do this challenge, too. Each of you posting at different times with your own specific areas of expertise. Isn’t that just like an elephant? Elephants are ginormous and if we were to each describe an elephant, we would come up with different descriptions of the elephant itself.


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