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If you are frustrated by the level of filtering required when it comes to blogging advice, or are overwhelmed with where to start and how to gain traction, you’ve come to the right place!As a Christian blogger, your message matters. But let’s be honest: so do your values.

There is no shortage of advice for blogging and growing an online platform but what IS in short supply is solid, practical instruction that aligns with our purpose and values. If you’ve ever gone searching for blog advice, no doubt you’ve discovered this firsthand!

In Luke 6:40 Jesus said a fully trained student is like his teacher. As Christians, we must be careful who we learn from because we become like those we follow.

If you are frustrated by the level of filtering required when it comes to blogging advice, or are overwhelmed with where to start and how to gain traction, you’ve come to the right place! Today a special friend and I have teamed together with a one-of-a-kind bundle…

and it’s just for you, the Christian blogger!

The Bless Your Blog Bundle includes two great courses from experienced Christian bloggers and ministry leaders. This bundle is designed to help you get the clarity, training, inspiration and practical tools you need to grow your blog without compromising your values.

More Than A Blog Ministry Master Plan

This six week course from project manager and ministry leader Christa Hutchins of Do A New Thing (me!), will take you from confused and overwhelmed to confidence in a God-inspired master plan for your ministry. With a unique combination of Biblical study, practical application and probing self-assessment, you’ll learn how God communicated His strategic plan to Biblical leaders and how you can apply those same lessons in your ministry today. You’ll receive one module every week starting Sept. 12 and can follow along with a private Facebook group, or do the modules at your own pace. The modules include:
1. Is Your Purpose Clear?
2. Do All Your Pieces Fit?
3. Is Your Presence Consistent?
4. Do You Have the Right People?
5. Are You Positioned for Success?
6. Do You Have a Plan?

Christian Bloggers Bootcamp

This popular course from missionary and Christian blogger Arabah Joy includes 6 foundational, power-packed modules stuffed with practical training. With 15 assignments geared specifically for the Christian blogger, you’ll not only learn but implement the exact strategies proven to work in the faith-blogging niche. Christian Bloggers Bootcamp provides actionable content without the fluff you can’t use or don’t have time to implement. This self-paced course can be completed at any time and includes the following modules:
1. Clarifying your why
2. Finding and creating your best content
3. Being savory in a world of instant gratification
4. Image creation and visuals
5. Leveraging Pinterest
6. Winning on Facebook

AJ and I are thrilled to be partnering together for this bundle! Our desire is to see Christian bloggers equipped and inspired to spread the message of hope across the internet.

The Bless Your Blog Bundle, including both courses along with our BONUS offers is available now but only for a few days! We invite you to grab your bundle and get the training you need to be salt and light online. We can’t wait to see you inside the courses!

Click here to learn more and grab your bundle.

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7 thoughts on “Bless Your Blog”

  1. Good morning, Christa … thanks for the powerful reminder that our values inform our blogging and the heart motivation behind what we do needs to be tended to.

    Absolutely amen!

  2. Thanks for this info, Christa! I’ve done Christian Blogger Bootcamp and it really is a wonderful resource!! Thanks for always providing great blogging info here. Neighbors today at Dance with Jesus.

  3. Thank you for reminding me of the reason I am here on this earth and why God has allowed me to post on a blog. I want to walk in His will and I want to share His words and not mine!


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