10 Ways to Use the Skills You Have to Get the Life You Love

I am so excited to welcome Gina Glenn today to share some really practical tips for you.  Thank you, Gina, for filling in for me today!

Using the skills you have to create a life you love may sound like a lofty feat. But the skills you have may be your most valuable asset.Using the skills you have to create a life you love may sound like a lofty feat. You might be thinking, “What skills?” Here are 10 Ways to use the skills you have to create a life you love.

This is where I was several years ago when I found myself needing to venture outside the world of home and children for the first time. I was searching for balance. I had four children at home and a need to generate income. How could I use the skills I had to create a life I’d love? How can you?

1.Make a list of your skill set.

The first thing I needed to do was take an inventory of the skills I did have. Using old school techniques of pen and paper I made a list of every single thing I knew how to do with confidence. My list looked something like this:

* typing / keyboarding

* sorting information

* volunteering for non-profits

* posting on Facebook

* posting on Twitter

When I looked at this list, I can recall feeling a sense of panic. What could I ever do with this? I realized that I needed some input from friends and from individuals I had worked with in the past. I turned to the non-profits and various ministries I’d served with.

2. Ask for input from friends, family, and individuals you’ve served with or worked with in the past

This greatly increased my skill set. Often times it takes new eyes to see your own value! Having others offer insight and wisdom can give you direction regarding what you really can do. What may seem like just helping with a newsletter or assisting with coordinating an event is easily transferable to a marketable skill.

3. Put your skill set together with a mission statement.

This is simply asking yourself what you would like to do with the skill set you have. You’ll also find this comes in handy when you’re deciding the type of client you’d like to work with.

4. Create an online presence.

Begin with a simple web presence. This will allow you to direct people to a location to see more about you. It gives you a more professional appearance. You can think of it as an online business card. In the beginning, it doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive, or complicated. There are many

free services that let you set up shop. Weebly, Blogger, WordPress, Facebook pages, and Wix are services that can get you online quickly. The rule here might be to keep it simple.

5. Ask for references.

If you’ve worked with someone and they’ve been happy with your contribution, ask them if they’d write you a referral you may include on your website. This is important as a newly minted business person in the online world. Perspective clients like to see that you are real, keep your word, and can do what you say you can do.

6. Use your network.

Yes, you have a network! Make a list of every single person you’ve ever spoken to. Go through your Facebook and include those individuals. Do not assume that someone may not need your services. You never know! This list will be your first venture in marketing yourself.

7. Have a business opening

Set a date and plan a business opening. Create an email to send to every person in your email address book. Make use of that network list you created. Share your new business in your social media circles. Announce your website and Facebook page! Ask friends if you can share your new business to their personal Facebook walls. Encourage your supporters to share on your behalf. Celebrate with your family!

8. Join 3 groups on Facebook or Linked In for personal growth

Find groups in your business niche that you can learn from and contribute to that can grow you personally and expand your business opportunities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information and groups available and three is a nice number to manage in the beginning. You’ll be able to set goals for yourself, provide yourself with accountability, and grow your circle of like-minded individuals and friends. Again, use that rule of keeping it simple.

9. Make a list of skills that will increase your revenue.

You’ve begun to capitalize on the skill set you came with and now it’s time to create a list of skills that will continue to grow and expand your business opportunities. Search for those in your business who are doing well and see what they offer. Look on Indeed and other job boards to see what business owners who might use your services are looking for. Make a plan to add new skills on a regular basis.

10. Work your business every day

Your business is a business. It’s not a hobby. It’s not a part-time thing. Treat it like a bonafide business. Sit down and create a big picture for the year of what you’d like to accomplish in your business. Break that down into twelve months and then weekly and daily. Keep yourself moving forward. Momentum is the key to success!

These 10 steps are a springboard for you to grow and get yourself out there and I pray that are a useful resource to anyone who doesn’t know where to start.

Gina Glenn’s passion is helping clients see their projects and dreams come to life!

Gina enjoys learning from clients and providing them with the professional support they need…with eyes to see their vision, ears to hear their needs and wants, and a soft answer to facilitate a pleasant working experience.

As a personal business owner, she understands the importance of timely, personal, professional support and strives to apply that knowledge to all working relationships.

Connect with Gina on her website LetAWomanLearn.com

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11 thoughts on “10 Ways to Use the Skills You Have to Get the Life You Love”

  1. Great advice, Gina! I love that you tell people to have a mission statement. We think of them for businesses and ministries but too often forget that they help keep us centered and on track. I’m visiting from Holly’s and so glad I hopped over. Blessings to you and to you too, Christa!

    • Oh I am so into having a mission or purpose statement! Not just to put on a wall or a page on your website. But to actively use to filter all the decisions you make every day. Thanks for saying hello today, Deb!

  2. Hey Gina and Christa … well, it’s so very fun to meet you both over at Holley’s this morning! And what a unique post, real thought-provoking …

    The coach in me is intrigued with your site! I think I’ll wander around a bit.

    Blessings …


    • That is so true, Sarah. Other people often see us so differently than we see ourselves. And they are usually right!

  3. I find that having a mission statement helps a lot. When you’re lost for words or not sure how to continue, you go back to your mission and you know exactly what to do.

    This is really helpful. 🙂


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