Planning allows you to put your strategy to work in a way that is orderly and well-thought-out.  It gives you confidence that you are doing the right things at the right time and relieves the stress of all those could-should-woulds floating around in your brain.

Planning services include:

  • Project management services to support the implementation of your Big IdeaPlanning Six Pack
  • Mind-mapping and other means to organize your thoughts and sort through ideas
  • Developing plans and tools for collaborating with your team
  • Creating a plan for a major event or deadline
  • Setting up processes to identify and screen volunteer applicants

After our planning sessions, I’ll deliver some fancy charts and tables and documents to help you stay on track with your plan.  We can schedule additional sessions to review your plan and make any adjustments needed to meet your goals.  Along the way, we’ll also use both actual and virtual versions of our favorite office supplies … sticky notes, colored pens, whiteboards, notebooks …

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