Defining your dream wraps some practical structure around it.  Creating a sound strategy that considers your goals, your strengths and your resources will help to narrow your focus and ensure that your Plans and Actions support your vision.

I can help with the following strategic activities:

  • Facilitated brainstorming sessions with you and your team  Mind Mapping
  • Creating a business or ministry plan to verbalize your goals, purpose, target market and resource plan
  • Structure of your organization, roles and responsibilities
  • Conducting surveys, providing analysis of the results and offering recommendations
  • Developing and writing instructions, policies and procedures
  • Creating schedules and budgets

You need a partner who can objectively help you take those vague, messy and overwhelming ideas and structure them into something cohesive and doable. You’ll find a coaching spirit woven into all our interactions as I encourage and support you as you take on the challenge of moving forward with your dream. (But if you need a real-deal Life Coach, I know some awesome ones and will be happy to refer you!)

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