Get moving towards your goals by creating a plan to get you there!

You don’t have to stay stuck. Learn an easy way to get your dream moving again in the all-new, updated 




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When there are too many ideas, too little time and too much confusion, fear of doing the wrong thing keeps you stuck doing nothing!

In This FREE Training from Do A New Thing, You’ll Discover

  • How to use a simple Mind Mapping Tool to capture the ideas and get them out of your head
  • The four essential Mental Filters that show you which ideas you need to move on and which ones should be put on the shelf for another time. 
  • How to use the Planning Six-Pack to make a plan that is doable, consistent with your purpose and will boost your ministry or business to the next level. 
  • NEW!!  How to use Swim Lane Charts to show the relationships and responsibilities among team members

I’ve used this system over the last three years with my clients to plan product launches,

outline a Bible Study, start a business and create new strategies.  

Having a personal plan of action eliminates the stress of indecision

and the paralyzing fear of doing the wrong thing. 

And gets you moving forward to reach your goals.