Hey Christian Ministry or Business Leader ....

Tired of working hard on your online ministry or business, but not seeing the growth you expect?

There's a solution for that.

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Create a visibility plan that grows your reach and impact ...

... without feeling overbearing, overworked, and overwhelmed.

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You’ve consistently created content and shown up on social media to find your people and offer them solutions to their problems.

But you haven't see the growth you expected.

Do you feel like you are wasting your time?

Does it seem like you are always talking to the same people?

Have you taken the courses and watched the webinars and still are unsure what tactics will help you?

Are you ready to just walk away for a while and try again another time?

I have news for you:

The problem is not your content or your message.

Think of your message like a rocket ship.

One type of fuel gets your rocket off the ground. The people right around it, who are already in your circle, can see all the great things you are doing and feel the impact . But you can’t just stay in that circle and expect to reach your goals.

Another type of fuel accelerates the rocket into the atmosphere … where people can see it from miles away. It makes them wonder where that rocket is headed and they want to know more.

If you want to really grow and get your message to the people who need it ...

Lift off from your ground level  and soar into the sky to expand and attract your audience.

That's exactly what you'll learn in the Rocket Your Reach Challenge.

1 (3)

The three types of visibility that will lead to growth

because you need a balanced approach

2 (5)

How to decide which ideas and options to implement

because you can’t do them all

3 (3)

How to measure what’s working and what’s not

because you need to adjust your plan based on data, not emotions

3 (4)

How to build a visibility plan that fits into your life

because you don’t want to build your life around your plan

At the end of the challenge, you’ll have a clear plan and a schedule to implement it, so you can show up for your product and service launches with momentum and an engaged audience.

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I learned what happens when you stay at ground level ... the hard way.

A couple of years into my business, I looked around and saw all the same people in the same places I was interacting.

The same people were reading my blog, following me on social media, going to the same conferences, and taking the same courses. We were one big mass talking to each other.

I noticed that the ones who were really able to grow and reach their goals were doing something different.

Instead of staying at ground level in their comfortable places, they were getting up and out where new people could see what they were doing.

I had to get over my fear of self-promotion, and embrace the value my expertise could bring.

I had to ignore the awkwardness of reaching out to people I didn’t know, and open the door to new circles and opportunities.

I had to hone my skills and become recognized as an expert in my niche.

When I did that … showing up, growing up, and glowing up … I began to see the growth and traction that could fuel an actual business.


I want that same thing for you ...

... because as a Christian communicator or business owner, your message has the potential to change lives and make a true kingdom impact.

In this 5-day challenge, you'll learn:

The Acceleration Process

Here's What You'll Get

5 Video Sessions

Learn to Show Up, Grow Up, and Glow Up as you create a custom plan that gets you out of your circle.

Downloadable Workbook

Full of worksheets and templates to assist in decision-making and creating your plan.

Decision Making Tool

Even if you hate spreadsheets, you'll love this simple tool to help you decide which ideas are for you.


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Resource Guide

During the challenge, you may come up with some skills or tactics you need to learn.  This handy guide will gather up my favorite Preferred Partners and Recommended Resources to help you along your way!


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Join the Challenge -- $24

5 day Challenge Includes

  • Five recorded video sessions with exclusive training (Value = $500)
  • Downloadable workbook filled with worksheets you’ll use over and over again (Value = $50)
  • Visibility Decision Tool to help you make confident decisions (Value = $100)
  • Bonuses
    • Resource Guide

Total Value = $600+


What My Community Has Said

Cathy Lawdanski

What helped me the most was your expertise on timing and putting together a realistic plan. I never felt frustrated or like it was too much because I wasn't overloaded with tasks.  ~ Cathy L.

I so appreciate how you saw the root of my concern and gave me an approach that solves my problem!  Karen W.



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Join the Challenge -- $24


About Christa

Christa uses her years of experience as a project manager to support communicators and leaders like you in making  progress on your most important goals and projects. She's a coach, project manager, partner and cheerleader, all rolled into one.  She lives in Louisiana with her husband in their delightfully empty nest.